Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

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    Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner called Trump a ‘classified documents terrorist’ who should be arrested: ‘Put an end to our long national nightmare’
    Putin may have wanted to restore the Russian Empire, but his power over former Soviet states is waning as his invasion of Ukraine flounders

    ‘Important for the victims’: Former Liberian rebel leader Kamara faces trial in Paris
    Former Trump aide Sarah Matthews says besides Trump, Mark Meadows was the most disappointing person on January 6: ‘He wouldn’t speak up and say what we all knew’

    Uber’s former security chief was found guilty by a federal jury for covering up a data hack to regulators
    Former glamour model and ex-lover of Joe Calzaghe is charged in Dubai money smuggling operation

    Michael Fanone, a former DC police officer who was attacked at the Capitol riot, said he’s ‘broke’ and that speaking out about January 6 ‘destroyed my career’
    Former NSA employee charged with violating Espionage Act after trying to sell US secrets

    Chinese billionaire Richard Liu SETTLES rape lawsuit filed by former University of Minnesota student
    ‘The View’ co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former White House aide, calls Trump’s remarks against Elaine Chao ‘despicable’: ‘He’s not even trying to hide the racism at this point’

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