Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

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    This Gen Z founder made an OnlyFans rival that has no nudity and sold it for $65 million

    Jeff Bezos is ripped now. Here’s how the Amazon founder went from scrawny to brawny.
    An airline founder is facing a fine after he let an influencer take a selfie in the cockpit

    A court denied Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’ request to stay out of prison after her attorneys claimed there were ‘numerous, inexplicable errors’ in her trial
    Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is awaiting her 11-year prison sentence. Here’s a timeline of her relationship with her co-defendant and ex-boyfriend, Sunny Balwani.

    A viral TikTok video of a strap-on shoe that helps you walk faster has gotten 25 million views. The founder says it’s designed for everyone — even though it costs $1,400.
    Cash App founder Bob Lee dated his murder suspect’s ex-girlfriend before he started seeing his sister, friends said. The suspect’s lawyer disputes claims of an affair.

    Cash App founder Bob Lee was having an affair with the sister of his alleged killer, friends say
    Prior to his death, Cash App founder Bob Lee was part of ‘The Lifestyle,’ an underground party scene of sex and drugs, report says

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