Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

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    OpenAI to Investigate Users’ Claims That ChatGPT Is Getting ‘Lazier’
    WWE star Charlotte Flair suffers a serious knee injury after slipping and getting “stuck in the ropes” before being helped out of the ring on SmackDown.

    Bad news for nervous travelers!  Jet stream is getting FASTER thanks to climate change and could cause severe turbulence in flight, study warns
    Housing keeps getting less affordable – and the math only improved in one major city this year, says Redfin

    A US marshal was accused of getting drunk and sexually assaulting a passenger during a Delta flight to London
    US submarines are getting new long-range ship-killer missiles as China’s large navy keeps getting bigger

    The chances of getting bitten by a shark while you’re swimming at the beach are surprisingly low
    A lot of things are getting cheaper. Here’s why you probably haven’t noticed.

    Self-service security screening is coming to airports, but PreCheck passengers are getting priority
    How going to bed at the same time every night is more important than getting seven hours per night

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