Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

    Tag: gubernatorial

    Sen. Mike Braun’s Indiana gubernatorial bid jump-starts the GOP’s first open Senate seat race of 2024
    Republican Kari Lake files lawsuit challenging her loss in the Arizona gubernatorial election

    Kari Lake REFUSES to simply accept dropping Arizona gubernatorial election and says she’s employed legal professionals
    Trump-backed Republican Geoff Diehl faces off against Democratic state Attorney General Maura Healey in Massachusetts’ gubernatorial election

    Fans hail Trump-backed Michigan gubernatorial candidate for her ‘common sense’ attitude but say they’re glad her experienced running mate will be around if she wins
    Man Arrested After Break-In at Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate’s Campaign Office

    Presidential politics, age, and a contrast in styles: DeSantis and Crist take center stage at Florida’s lone gubernatorial debate
    Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake pledges ‘to serve eight years as governor’ if elected after speculation mounts that she’d be a potential Trump VP running mate

    Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs defends her refusal to debate Trump-backed GOP rival Kari Lake, who she says is ‘only interested in creating a spectacle’
    Michigan GOP gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon says ‘single women working’ lead ‘a pretty lonely life’

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