Wed. May 22nd, 2024

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Inside the Trump Campaign’s Plan to Take Down Nikki Haley
An ex-Romney presidential campaign strategist says Nikki Haley ’embodies the collapse’ of the Republican Party

Nikki Haley is set to announce a 2024 presidential run. What you need to know about the former ambassador and governor as she gears up to face Trump.
BREAKING: Nikki Haley Running For President To Challenge Trump For GOP Nomination

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to run against Trump for the GOP nomination for president: report
Nikki Haley dismisses Pompeo’s VP claims as ‘lies and gossip’

‘The White Lotus’ Star Haley Lu Richardson Got to Live Her Italian Dream
Nikki Haley accuses Sunny Hostin of being ‘racist’ for attacking her for not using her first name

Nikki Haley Blasts ‘Racist’ Sunny Hostin, Who Uses a Nickname, for Judging Her Name
Trump often candidly criticized women politicians for their looks, saying Nikki Haley has a ‘complexion problem’ and claiming Nancy Pelosi got ‘plastic surgery’: book