Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

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    OpenAI’s Sam Altman says his ‘hero’ Elon Musk is ‘obviously attacking’ the company on Twitter
    Russia’s Latest War ‘Hero’ Is Convict Who Beat Mom to Death

    A Ukrainian fighter pilot who took a blood-covered selfie after ejecting has been named a Hero of Ukraine
    Teen hero rescues his father’s life by removing the TRUCK from him after it fell on him.

    New York Times hails Mick Lynch, RMT’s strike-happy leader, as a ‘unlikely national hero’
    This Is the ‘Hero’ Army Vet Who Took Down the Club Q Gunman

    In DeSantis’ small Florida hometown, voters see ‘scumbag’ or ‘hometown hero’ as they head to the polls
    ‘You’re a national hero:’ Bobby Zamora hails Euro 2022 match-winner and lifelong QPR fan Chloe Kelly

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