Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

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    At least two people are injured after two cars crash into each other and into a HOUSE
    These Airbnb owners run short-term stays out of a school bus, tree house, yurt, and a fire station. They break down 5 tips for managing out-of-the-box properties.

    Marti Cummings and Brita Filter: Drag queens invited to White House have interesting pasts
    ‘We’re going to get you’: White House official says he told Paul Whelan, who is still detained in Russia, to ‘keep the faith’ as the Biden administration works on his release

    White House Official Details Brittney Griner’s First Moments of Freedom
    Kyrsten Sinema was doing the GOP a favor by blocking Democrats’ taxes on the wealthy. Now a Republican-controlled House will have to fight that battle.

    White House and Schumer insist that Sinema party’s switch to Independent does no change the Democrat majority
    Airbnb takes ‘anti-party stance’ using stricter technology to block users from hosting New Years Eve house parties

    Police chief calls report of door of house where students were murdered left open is ‘news to me’
    Ope, sorry: Midwestern House Dems push for leaders between the coasts

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