Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

    Tag: housing

    A fight over sewage is preventing Long Island from solving its crippling housing crisis
    Home prices are 65% higher in places with high-risk air quality as climate change warps the housing market

    Arlington, Virginia, gave $500 to 200 low-income families with no strings attached. It helped them catch up on bills and quit second jobs — but many still struggle with housing.
    A millennial couple in Singapore bought a 30-year-old public housing apartment for $535,000. They turned it into an artsy, industrial-style home.

    Dozens of NYC Housing Workers Accused of Bribery in Historic Bust
    A millennial who moved from Canada to Florida said the weather and housing are great — but the politics and healthcare could push them out

    A conservative fix for the housing crisis is making homes cheaper and more abundant in Texas
    The frozen housing market may be starting to thaw

    A housing expert who nailed the prediction for 2023 says home prices to jump 7% this year

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