Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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London amateur team boycott second straight match against Munter Hunters FC amid investigation into ‘horrific examples of misogyny’
Hunter’s Lonely Vacation: First Son Rejoins Wife and Lawyer in California as Biden Family Heads to St. Croix to Ring in the New Year

6 tips for January job hunters who want to change their occupation, from a career coach
Rep. James Comer says Hunter Biden tax evasion charges are down to ‘two brave whistleblowers’ and that his probe will prove Joe Biden knew of Hunter’s ‘fraud schemes’ and DOJ is protecting ‘the big guy’ and his son

Rep. James Comer Dishes Absurd Theory Over Hunter’s Truck Repayments
House Speaker Mike Johnson claims Biden impeachment inquiry is IMMINENT: GOP has the votes for ‘necessary step’ to probe Joe’s ties to Hunter’s business deals after being ‘stonewalled by the White House’

Republicans say ‘the Biden family sold access to Joe’s power’ as FIRST impeachment inquiry hearing on Hunter’s shady deals begins with protesters and GOP laying out the $24M raked in from overseas
Roxy Jacenko flies from Australia to Singapore with her professional eyebrow stylist to have her nine-year-old son Hunter’s eyebrows waxed and shaped

Shipwreck hunters found a schooner that sank in 1881 intact in Lake Michigan
200 monster hunters armed with drones join the biggest search in 50 years for Scotland’s fabled Loch Ness creature