Mon. May 27th, 2024

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Republicans vote unanimously to ban basic income programs in a state with one of the highest homelessness rates
I’m backpacking the world while working as an online therapist. I have a steady income, but I’m exhausted.

The cost of clean living: City workers in town that straddles the Nevada-Utah border see a HUGE difference in pay on each side of the state line thanks to Silver State’s gambling and weed tax income
Arizona Republicans call basic income payments ‘unearned,’ introduce a bill to ban them

A Gen Zer set out to make $100 a day for 100 days through side hustles. Here are the gigs and passive income streams she recommends.
Texas state lawmaker criticizes ‘universal basic income’ programs: ‘We can’t just hand out money like popcorn on street corners’

She started her business from scratch when she moved to be with her fiancé. He covers the bulk of their expenses with his $200,000 income.
A guaranteed basic income program in Minneapolis found that even after a year of giving recipients $500 a month, they weren’t working any less

Republican lawmakers in Iowa seek to block guaranteed basic income programs, calling them ‘insane’
Texas senator says the plan to give poor residents a $500 guaranteed basic income is unconstitutional