Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Tag: insulting

Chris Christie calls Vivek the ‘most obnoxious blowhard in America’ and a ‘smart a**’ in furious back-and-forth: Ramaswamy tells rival to ‘walk off stage and enjoy a nice MEAL’ in vicious confrontation over ‘insulting’ Nikki Haley
Santa’s village at Pacific Werribee shopping centre in Melbourne is forced to make big change to their ‘Christmas’ display after outrage: ‘How insulting’

Hunter Valley wedding bus crash: Video of orphaned boys with their late parents Lynan and Andrew Scott emerges – amid outcry over ‘insulting’ cash for victims
The ‘Global Majority’ is a sinister and insulting term for anyone who is not white – this fashionable new phrase only peddles racial division, no matter the new jargon they invent to disguise it, writes NANA AKUA

Stephen A. Smith: Meghan and Harry Are Only Interesting When ‘Insulting Their Family’

If Trump keeps insulting E. Jean Carroll, her lawyers say, she could keep suing him
Iran executes two people for insulting the Prophet Muhammad and Islamic sanctities