Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

    Tag: judge

    The judge assigned to hear Disney’s lawsuit against Ron DeSantis just disqualified himself from the case because a ‘third-degree’ relative owns stock in the company. A Trump appointee will replace him.
    Australia’s Most Decorated Soldier Committed War Crimes, Judge Finds

    Judge Enters Not Guilty Plea For Idaho Murders Suspect Bryan Kohberger
    University of Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger stands silent as judge enters NOT GUILTY plea

    Ava Zonfrillo breaks her silence over MasterChef judge Jock’s death
    Aaron Judge knocks go-ahead single to put Yankees ahead in extra-innings victory over Reds

    Staff for a 95-year-old federal judge say she is “losing it, mentally” and talking to a dead colleague
    Jock Zonfrillo funeral: MasterChef judge to be farewelled in Sydney as attendees sworn to secrecy

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