Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Tag: launching

AFC Wimbledon’s Ashleigh Goddard won Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker before launching her pro career but Londoner was left having to relearn to walk after a freak accident in match
McDonald’s sends the internet into a spin by launching its first-ever line of BEAUTY products

Weeks after the Peregrine lunar lander failed, NASA is launching the IM-1 mission to touch down on the moon
ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros are launching a new sports streaming service. It could change TV forever.

Amazon is launching a chatty AI assistant called Rufus to people become smarter shoppers

Billionaire Jeff Bezos still uses a homemade scrappy door desk from the early days of launching Amazon
Alicia Keys’ Latest Collaboration With Athleta Is the Perfect Launching Pad for Your New Year’s Resolutions

US seizes more illegal e-cigarettes, but thousands of new ones are launching
Google is finally launching Gemini, its biggest shot at OpenAI