Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

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Trump is publishing a book of 150 private letters he’s received, including at least one of the ‘love letters’ he got from Kim Jong Un — and a signed version will set you back $399
‘Letters to Trump’ promises 150 letters from Oprah Winfrey, Kim Jong Un and more

Wife of Grant Wahl shares letters of condolence from President Biden and Vice President Harris
Uni admissions body sends rejection letters to 13,000 students by mistake

Trump WH aide said it was ‘painfully obvious’ when Trump wrote his own tweets because of ‘the capitalization of letters’
Candice Warner takes her daughters to post letters to Santa

Trump talked about his good relationship with Kim Jong-Un during his 2024 announcement. He’s under investigation for holding onto Kim’s letters among other documents.
BBC’s Owain Wyn Evans slams homophobic trolls after receiving hateful handwritten letters

‘I’m Watching You’: Cops Probe Creepy Election Letters to Arizona Democrats, Voters
Audio reveals Trump showed Kim Jong-Un letters to Bob Woodward: ‘Don’t say I gave them to you’