Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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Massacre in Mexico as cartel violence spirals out of control leads to truce between rival drug gangs: Gruesome videos show drug gangs slaughtering rivals, burning piles of corpses and shooting dead bodies “so they don’t come back to life” “
‘Flour massacre’: Aid delivery turns deadly in Gaza as UN warns famine ‘almost inevitable’

Over 100 Palestinians Killed in Aid Convoy ‘Massacre,’ According to Gaza Officials

Exorcism massacre: Italian bricklayer ‘forces daughter, 17, to watch’ as he slaughters his wife and two sons aged 15 and five with the help of ‘religious fanatics’ in a bid to rid his house of ‘demons’

Priest Among 4 Killed in Palm Bay, Florida Massacre; Gunman’s Motive Unknown

Father of five ‘shoots dead wife and three intelligent, high-achieving adult daughters’ in their Chicago home before calling police to 911 dispatch scene described as a ‘massacre’
Teen Accused of Planning Massacre at Ohio Synagogue Ordered to Write Book Report