Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Tag: migrants

Jon Stewart says the Democrats have thrown values out the window in favor of fearmongering about migrants

Trump Tells Newsmax He’ll Give Cops Immunity to Deport Migrants En Masse
Monolingual Trump Slams Migrants Who ‘Don’t Speak Languages’

Queens business owner housed EIGHTY SEVEN ‘Senegalese migrants’ in basement and charged them $300-a-month each for shelter and three meals a day, netting him $313,000 in annual rent
NYC Mayor Eric Adams is accused of wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on migrants by doling out no-bid contracts to firms paying shelter supervisors $1,500 a SHIFT

Biden AND Trump will visit the border on the same day: 2024 rivals to clash in Texas during crisis that has seen 7.3 MILLION migrants enter since Joe took office and just days after illegal immigrant ‘murdered’ student jogger
Migrants brawl with cops at Randall’s Island shelter

How the Far Right Uses Mystical Racism to Demonize Migrants
Sorry, MAGA. Americans, Not Migrants, Are Smuggling Fentanyl.