Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

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Football star Cameron Munster reveals the one moment in his career he wishes he could take back – and it’s NOT his white powder scandal.
There’s one big reason why Alphabet has the edge over Microsoft in the AI race, according to tech investor Gene Munster

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving feature could add $20 billion a year in revenue, Gene Munster says
Layoffs aren’t over yet for tech giants as managers prepare to tighten on the ‘laptop generation,’ says tech investor Gene Munster

Elon Musk stepping down from Twitter is only partly positive for Tesla investors as the tech mogul may still be focused on side projects like AI, Gene Munster says
Don’t count out Google in the AI race, and the stock sell-off after its Bard chatbot snafu was an overreaction, Gene Munster says

Tesla’s price cuts will cause earnings to plunge 25%, but the EV maker is repairing its brand for long-term gain, Loup’s Gene Munster says