Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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    White neighbor and German-shepherd owning woman hose down prominent black doctor and their dinner party guests in plush NYC suburb ‘because they were too loud’
    EXCLUSIVE: ‘Full hulk’ golfer is a 41-year-old realtor from Ohio with extensive criminal past that includes arrests for drugs and ‘intent to riot’: Once threatened a neighbor in street wearing only his underwear

    DEAR JANE: My new neighbor won’t stop flirting with my husband – and she even sunbathes NAKED to get his attention
    PICTURED: Gilgo Beach suspect’s 65-year-old neighbor who was ogled over garden fence as she sunbathed, and husband who told alleged killer to back off

    Putin’s Nuclear Gift to His Neighbor Spurs a Menacing Power Trip
    STAND YOUR GROUND? Calls For Woman’s Arrest Grow After The Fatal Shooting Of Her Neighbor In Florida

    White Neighbor Fatally Shot Black Mom After Hurling Slurs, Lawyer Says
    A Texas resident who lives near Elon Musk’s construction sites says he wants the billionaire to ‘do better’ and be a good neighbor amid local pushback

    After a Texas family asked a neighbor to stop shooting a gun in his yard because their baby was trying to sleep, he came over and killed 5 people with an AR-15 style rifle, police say.
    Mother Tried To Rope Neighbor Into Cover Story After 3-Year-Old Son Drowned In Pond: Cops

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