Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

    Tag: newsmax

    Newsmax Host Says ‘Firsthand Evidence’ of Biden Corruption Too High a Bar
    Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Airs Bonkers Aaron Rodgers Conspiracy Theory

    James Comer Can’t Explain to Newsmax Why He Won’t Just Subpoena Hunter Biden
    Newsmax Pundit Urges Conservatives to ‘Be More Homophobic’

    Newsmax Peddles ‘Christ’ Book From GOPer in Mistress Abortion Scandal
    Confider #75: LA Mag Melts Down, NY Gossip Queen Pivots to PR, Newsmax Goes Full Propaganda

    Newsmax Ropes Matt Gaetz Into Battle to Become GOP’s Comms Shop
    Trump Could be Lying on Leaked Tape, Newsmax Host Says: ‘You Know How He Is’

    DeSantis Suffers Yet ANOTHER Technical Issue as Newsmax Feed Cuts Out
    Newsmax Host Gives Half-Assed Apology for Airing Entirely Wrong Man’s Mugshot

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