Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

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Covid pandemic could have been avoided and contained in Wuhan, professor claims: Expert’s book reveals Chinese mistakes that allowed virus to spread around the world
Defaults skyrocketed last year to the highest tally since the start of the pandemic – and 2024 is set to bring more pain to corporations

A millennial bought a houseboat for $255,000 during the pandemic and moved into it alone. She says it’s ‘the best way of life.’
RBA: The use of cash has fallen by five percent since the pandemic

Former Scottish Leader Called Boris Johnson a ‘F*cking Clown’ During Pandemic
‘Stress Positions’ review: Not even John Early can generate much emotion in a frenetic comedy about a queer pandemic

Scrap Rightmove sale of £1billion pandemic lab to develop ‘friendly’ viruses that can treat antibiotic resistant illnesses, MPs urge
U.S. Bank has been fined nearly $36 million for freezing some customers’ access to unemployment benefits during the pandemic

Liz Cheney says some Freedom Caucus members were ‘upset’ when she tweeted a photo of her father, Dick Cheney, wearing a mask at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic
Your Thanksgiving dinner still costs way more than it did before the pandemic