Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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    Pensioner, 83, takes a swipe at Egyptian toyboy ex-lover as she insists her new cat is ‘cleverer than any men she knows’
    A cow struck by train carriage kills pensioner who was urinating on nearby tracks

    The wife of the pensioner who was set on fire when leaving a mosque reveals that “she has not found the courage to visit him”
    Suspect Detained After Pensioner Set Fire Arrested For Similar Attack

    Pictured: Pensioner, 70, who was set on fire after leaving a mosque in Birmingham
    81-year-old pensioner assaulted a neighbor in a parking lot

    The horror of a pensioner after the neighbor and his wife had sex on a bollard in the parking row
    Pensioner, 93, left lying on the floor waiting for an ambulance for 25 HOURS with hip fracture

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