Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Tag: political

REVEALED: The five places Peter Dutton wants to build ‘large-scale’ nuclear reactors in Australia, as Dick Smith breaks his silence over the political bombshell… so will YOU live near one?

Lawmakers FINALLY release text of first government funding bills with just 6 days until next shutdown: President Johnson touts ‘political victories’, including cuts to Biden agencies, including FBI, that push ‘left’ policies
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Resolve Political Monitor poll: Anthony Albanese suffers big blow in new poll as he spends the weekend watching Taylor Swift and Katy Perry perform

Russia returns Navalny’s body after widow accused Putin of torturing political dissident’s corpse
Trump calls himself a ‘political dissident’ being persecuted by a ‘Biden regime’ full of ‘fascists’, ‘thugs’ and tyrants in fiery CPAC speech

The markets are on fire — but Larry Summers says investors may not be fully pricing in political and social risks
‘Furious Travis Kelce’ meme gets political! New York Transportation Department use viral Super Bowl moment to push their ‘anti-car’ agenda on social media