Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

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    Imprisoned Russian ultranationalist claims Putin’s regime is near ‘collapse’ due to failures in Ukraine and can’t be saved
    ‘Putin’s Attack Dog’ Kadyrov Reportedly in Critical Condition

    Russia says it will make official diplomatic protest to Britain over Putin’s claims UK trained Ukrainian nuclear power plant hit squad – after Vladimir warned of ‘consequences’

    Putin’s spokesman claims Putin hasn’t decided whether to run again in 2024, but a Russia expert says any indecision is just a schtick

    Ukraine’s drones rain leaflets on occupied territory telling its citizens to boycott Putin’s ‘election farce’
    Putin’s top doctor who ‘has inside knowledge of despot’s medical secrets’ is arrested by FSB after he was caught ‘trying to escape Russia via Belarus’

    A 91-year-old Ukrainian woman who fled Russians twice in her lifetime cursed ‘Putin’s bastards’ for ruining her final years

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