Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

    Tag: reduce

    Breaking:: Federal Government Seeks to Reduce National Defence Budget by $1 Billion

    I’ve adjusted my lifestyle to reduce my impact on climate change, and I’m saving money as a result
    Microsoft is trying to reduce its reliance on OpenAI by developing a cheaper, less powerful AI model, report says

    Self-driving car company Cruise agreed to reduce its driverless fleet by 50% after a spate of recent crashes. San Francisco officials previously pushed for a slower rollout of robotaxis.

    The tech exec who is spending $2 million a year to reduce his biological age used to drink alcohol for breakfast

    Over 7,100 student-loan borrowers will get $3.5 million in refunds after a debt relief company was accused of illegally charging them up to $699 in fees to reduce their federal balances, a consumer watchdog says

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