Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

    Tag: replaced

    Now Sephora locks up its perfume! Fragrances are removed from store shelves and replaced by testers – after Walgreens and Target implemented similar measures to combat rampant theft
    Daily statins could be replaced by gene therapy which cuts cholesterol with a single dose within years, scientists claim

    Man United suffer more injury woe as Rasmus Hojlund goes off with a hamstring issue in Premier League clash with Luton… after Christian Eriksen previously was replaced due to a knee problem
    These Durable Chelsea Boots Replaced My Blundstones

    A CEO who replaced 90% of his support staff with an AI chatbot says copy-paste jobs are gone
    Susanna Reid is REPLACED at the last minute on Good Morning Britain after she lost her vote at the NTAs: ‘I just can’t talk!’

    Staggering figures reveal 1.2MILLION US-born workers lost their jobs last month – replaced by 688,000 foreign-born staff – as Joe Biden allows migrants to flood across the border
    About 21 million jobs held by women and 9 million jobs held by men could be replaced by AI: ILO

    Mexico replaced China as America’s top trade buddy — and it shows how the global economy is rapidly transforming
    Trader Joe’s executives say employees will never be replaced by self checkout and he insists those chatty cashiers are not trained to flirt

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