Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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Trump Money Man Allen Weisselberg Released From Rikers
If Trump is imprisoned, he will most likely be on Rikers Island in the infirmary with intelligence agents

Rikers Island detainees chained to desks during class sessions;  The New York jail oversight board was not consulted on the rule change
New York City may house inmates at half-finished Brooklyn jail to comply with ‘flawed’ Rikers Island closure plan: Mayor Adams

Stalled progress: Shutting down Rikers is a battle on multiple fronts
25 Hours in a Cell: Rikers Island Is Worse Than You Think

New images show harrowing scenes from inside New York’s notorious Rikers Island jail, including prisoners in filthy and life-threatening situations
4 Rikers Island Guards Stood Down & Watched As Teen Attempted Suicide: Indictment