Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

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Israel prepares for horror scenario in which raped hostages held by Hamas could return home pregnant with terrorist child
Leaked German military documents laid out a doomsday scenario where Russia wins in Ukraine then invades Europe

🔴 Live: Israel ready ‘for any scenario’ after strike kills Hamas deputy chief in Lebanon
Google Brain co-founder says he tried to get ChatGPT to ‘kill us all’ but is ‘happy to report’ that he failed to trigger a doomsday scenario

🔴 Live: Israel bombards southern Gaza, UN foresees ‘hellish’ aid scenario
Andreessen Horowitz is not at all ‘techno-optimistic’ about this particular AI scenario

AI one-percenters seizing power forever is the real doomsday scenario, warns AI godfather
Oil prices would soar to $150 and market volatility would skyrocket in the most severe scenario for the Israel-Hamas war, EY chief economist says

The Nightmare Scenario Staring Israel in the Face
The stock market will hit record highs by the end of the year based on Goldilocks scenario, Bank of America says