Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

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Tunnel complex with rows of computer servers discovered under UN aid agency HQ in Gaza, reports say
Arm is at the forefront of the AI revolution. Here’s how it’s powering billions of devices, from smartphones to cloud servers.

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South Park’s creators have eliminated tipping at Denver’s famed Casa Bonita. Servers now make $30 an hour — and some are mad.

2 Tennessee restaurants had to pay $270,000 to servers who were forced to share tips with dishwashers, the labor department says
A Florida sushi restaurant has repaid staff $262,000 after it made servers share their tips with owners and managers, the Labor Department says

4 Florida restaurants with the same owner had to give over $250,000 of back pay to staff after the Department of Labor said they only paid servers tips
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Praise the sun!  Dark Souls 3’s PC servers are backed up
‘Batgirl’ Directors Tried to Pirate Movie Before HBO Max Locked Them Out of Servers