Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

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Soccer tournament bosses are accused of sexism for forcing Young Matildas to play in ankle-deep snow: ‘It wouldn’t happen in male football’

Cristiano Ronaldo Slammed for Making NSFW Gesture at Saudi Soccer Fans

Mend it like Beckham! Men are having their NIPPLES reconstructed to look like soccer star’s as part of $5,000 bizarre cosmetic trend, top plastic surgeons reveal
Iran is arresting teens for celebrating a soccer match loss from the national team, human rights activists say

Soccer Player Dies After Being Struck by Lightning During Game

TIM HOWARD: Soccer in the United States has only five years to cash in on Lionel Messi and globe-trotting Inter Miami… MLS must loosen its finances NOW to allow more super clubs to grow
The soccer star dies at the age of 25 after a tragic accident during the Christmas holidays in Prague