Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

    Tag: spending

    Global ad market to slow in 2024, US political spending to rise: forecast

    Elon Musk faces sales staff exodus after chaotic month and daring advertisers to pull their spending
    3 ways I use raises and bonuses to build wealth instead of spending them immediately

    How HENRYs are investing and spending in the face of an uncertain economy
    Walmart and Target signal more cracks in consumer spending

    Hardline Republicans TANK vote to progress Speaker Mike Johnson’s spending plan after Democrats helped him pass bill to punt government funding deadline to after the new year
    A GOP lawmaker frustrated by Nancy Mace’s opposition to a recent spending bill texted colleagues a link to a video entitled ‘How to talk to a Narcissist’

    American consumers may be starting to buckle. Here are 5 warning signs a spending slowdown is on the horizon.
    A woman spending around $108 a month on health expenses is beating out a millionaire who spends $2 million per year in anti-aging ranking

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