Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

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Mark Zuckerberg was pressured to physically stand up and face families affected by online abuse

KATHRYN BATTE: Emma Hayes called for the Continental League Cup to be scrapped five years ago and her points still stand… while Nikki Doucet is named as the woman behind the transition from the WSL and Championship.

Yacht-see! Wayne LaPierre takes witness stand as NRA corruption-trial jury views photos of luxury ships he enjoyed on vendor’s dime.
Welcome to Newport, Man United!  A small dressing room of beige tiles and peeling plaster, a temporary stand and a portable booth bar… while the usual drop-off location looks dangerous!

The reason the couple were caught ‘keying’ luxury cars in broad daylight is revealed as they stand in court
Al Roker divides the internet with his Rose Bowl Parade appearance – as some viewers claim he ‘ruined’ the event while others declare they ‘won’t stand’ for ‘slander’ against Today host

To stay alive, soldiers in Ukraine’s deadliest battle had to dart between buildings then stand still for hours
Makeup superstar Huda Kattan reveals the “must-have” trends, the “fashion” she can’t stand, and her favorite holiday beauty buys