Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

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US student, 20, is raped in supermarket parking lot in Milan: ‘Egyptian attacker is caught virtually red-handed and stopped by bouncers from nearby nightclub’
Oklahoma police officer violently thrown to the ground when vehicle hits one he stopped

Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke reveals his 5-month-old son Apollo was rushed to intensive care after he stopped breathing as he recalls the ordeal.
A homeless man is hit by THREE cars in one minute while trying to cross a Los Angeles freeway, and no one stopped to help the victim when he was left stranded in the road and died.

Why Fantasia Barrino stopped therapy while filming ‘The Color Purple’
A geoscientist explains what would happen if Earth suddenly stopped spinning

Patrick Mahomes: Chiefs Stopped Teasing Travis About Taylor Once They Got Serious
DeWayne McCulla is arrested after choking and trying to kill his wife, 47, stricken with terminal breast cancer to ‘ease her suffering’ and was only stopped when family members pulled him off her

Here are 11 things our family of 4 has stopped doing to save money in this economy and what we do instead
A high-ranking House Republican stopped appearing on ‘Fox & Friends’ because its host was critical of the Biden impeachment