Fri. May 24th, 2024

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A man is suing the maker of a surgical robot, claiming it burned and tore his wife’s small intestine during surgery
Martha Stewart Takes On ‘Trolls’ Accusing Her of Getting Plastic Surgery

All eyes are on Prince William as he returns to work after King Charles’ cancer news and Kate Middleton’s surgery
Elon Musk’s Neuralink implanted its first brain chip in a human’s skull. Here’s what we know about the surgery.

William and Kate ‘Put Family First’ as She Recovers From Surgery
It’s been an annus horribilis for birthday girl Carole Middleton, writes CLAUDIA JOSEPH.  Her business collapsed and the family was abused.  But today all of her thoughts will be on the health of her daughter Kate as she recovers from surgery…

Sydney shark attack survivor breaks silence on what really happened from hospital bed as she recovers from surgery
Merrick Garland to Temporarily Cede Power While Undergoing Back Surgery

Merrick Garland to transfer power during back surgery
Hey Hey It’s Saturday star John Blackman reveals devastating results of cancer surgery after jaw removed: ‘I can’t do what I love’