Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Tag: though

GRAEME SOUNESS: The reason lazy and dishonest Paul Pogba’s four-year ban made me SAD – even though I was right about him
Republicans who ousted George Santos don’t regret it, even though they lost the seat

Ivanka Trump’s spotty memory called ‘suspect’ by judge in fraud trial verdict, even though she was dismissed from the case
The suspects in the Kansas City parade shooting will be charged as MINORS, even though the prosecutor previously claimed they would face justice as adults, meaning their identities can be kept private.

I would never get married without a prenup — even though mine didn’t protect me during my divorce
Cristiano Ronaldo says he will retire from football “soon”, before hinting at a retirement date… but there is still a LONG way to go even though he turns 39 next month!

For the 4th time in a year, more House Democrats than Republicans voted to avert a fiscal disaster — even though the GOP controls the chamber
An astronomer explains why the universe looks black even though it contains 200 billion trillion stars

A Colorado man’s getting $400,000 after being arrested for a DUI, even though he passed breath and blood tests
Where the world wants to spend Christmas: Fascinating map reveals it’s LONDON that’s No.1 overall (though Americans would prefer a festive break in Vienna)