Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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Lawyer Admits He Leaked Videos of MAGA Allies Turning on Trump
Creators are complaining that the TikTok Shop is turning the app into an ad-filled wasteland

Kat Von D opens up about her controversial decision to denounce witchcraft and embrace Christianity – as she reveals she was left ‘miserable’ after turning against the church in favor of ‘new age stuff’
Are you unwittingly turning your teeth YELLOW? Dentist reveals three things that may be damaging your gnashers

Turning a tiny fraction of America’s dead strip malls into housing could create 700,000 new apartments
Western Australian gunman shoots are car full of people before stealing vehicle and turning gun on himself

Elon Musk’s vision for X risks turning free speech into a pay-to-play game
Dillon Danis labels Logan Paul a ‘dead man walking’ as YouTuber’s face wound is revealed following microphone bust-up after previously turning up to his weigh-in wearing a balaclava

Study reveals surprising fact: Cats glow in the dark, turning them feline bright!
PHOTOS: Ukrainian civilians are turning busted and salvaged vehicles into mobile rocket launchers with scavenged military hardware