Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

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‘Flour massacre’: Aid delivery turns deadly in Gaza as UN warns famine ‘almost inevitable’
🔴Live: Gaza famine ‘imminent’, UN agency warns

Kara Swisher Warns of ‘Even Bigger’ Threats Coming for Digital Media
An airline CEO who uses exclusively 737s warns tickets could get more expensive due to production delays, with the FAA ‘crawling all over’ Boeing

Warren Buffett’s son Howard has given $500M to Ukraine — he warns the US is making a historic mistake by pulling its support
Short-seller Jim Chanos warns Nvidia’s epic growth is cannibalizing Big Tech — as the chip titan’s value surges by $1 trillion in 4 months

Trump warns the ‘radical left’ wants to ‘tear down crosses’ as he vows to defend Christian values in speech to convention of religious broadcasters
Do Not Launch Nuke-Armed Satellite Killer, U.S. Warns Russia