Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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    A film about OceanGate’s failed Titan submersible is already in the works
    Wes Anderson’s Roald Dahl Short ‘Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar’ Is One His Best Works

    Nicole Scherzinger ‘works with intimacy coach to help her prepare for sex scenes in new West End role’
    What’s next for Disney as CEO Bob Iger works to streamline the company, cut costs, and make streaming profitable

    Google’s new AI tool may save your skin if you’re running late for a meeting or terrible at taking notes — here’s how it works

    I hate walking, so I tried to rewire my habits with a free app. It works — but I’m still torn about recommending it for 3 reasons.
    My husband works for UPS and I wish people could see how hard his job is — and why the new $170,000 contract deal is well deserved

    5 real-estate investors who ‘house hacked’ to afford their first properties explain how the strategy works and can help anyone build wealth

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