Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

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Amanda Holden admits she would ‘love’ to do The Traitors Celebrity spin-off: But would she be a traitor or a faithful one?
State pension would hit £13,236 a year by 2030 if triple lock remains

Lauren Boebert says she’s ‘not dumb’ and knew switching districts would be tough, but she ‘talked to God’ and he told her to press on
Elon Musk claimed Teslas would appreciate in value post-purchase, but predictably, they’ve lost value

What it would take for humans to actually survive the harsh conditions on Dune’s planet Arrakis
SARAH VINE: Like most of us, Sarah would have had it burned into her brain that a police officer was someone she could trust.  It makes my blood boil that she met a monster with a license to kill.

Mattress Mack places $1m bet on Houston to win March Madness… and furniture magnate would win $7.5m if Cougars can go all the way!
Complete timeline of David Myers’ health battle, from the cancer diagnosis that left him fearing he would never ride a motorcycle again to losing the ability to walk when the Hairy Bikers star dies at age 66.

3 rate cuts in 2024 would be a ‘surprise,’ former Fed president Thomas Hoenig says
Sam Bankman-Fried’s lawyer says sentencing the FTX founder to a 100-year prison term would be ‘grotesque’ and ‘barbaric’