Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

    Tag: yardeni

    September is a ‘rotten’ month for stocks and this year, high bond yields and inflation top the list of risks, Ed Yardeni says
    Bond markets are flashing warning signs even as recession forecasts get dialed back, market vet Ed Yardeni says

    The S&P 500 could jump a further 20% as the US recovers from a ‘rolling recession’, market veteran Ed Yardeni says
    The ‘mother of all melt-ups’ in stocks could be quickly followed by a meltdown as the bubble in overvalued names pops, Ed Yardeni says

    The stock market’s resilience could spur the Fed to keep interest rates higher for longer, market veteran Ed Yardeni says
    The Fed could turn a mild downturn into an ugly recession if it doesn’t stop raising rates soon, market veteran Ed Yardeni says

    Things are looking brighter for the US economy and it will dodge even a ‘soft’ hit to growth as inflation falls, Ed Yardeni says
    The Fed could signal a 75 basis point interest rate hike in December and then a pause to see what happens, Ed Yardeni says

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