Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

    Putin’s Top TV Puppet Threatens 7 Countries With Air Strikes After Poland Blast


    The deadly blast that killed two people in Poland sent shockwaves across the globe this week, fueling fear that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine might escalate into a world war with the direct participation of NATO. While many are relieved that the incident was likely an attempt by Ukraine to intercept a Russian missile—on a day when Moscow launched about 100 strikes on Ukraine—Russian propagandists were seething with anger and irritation.

    After all, that reaction undermined Russian state media’s notion that NATO is already fighting against Moscow, itching to get directly involved in the bloody conflict. State TV host Vladimir Solovyov took that opportunity to spew more threats against the West, while describing Ukrainian territories recently taken back from Russia’s invading troops as Russian territory occupied by Ukraine.

    During his radio show Full Contact on Vesti FM, Solovyov exclaimed: “This is war… you thought you could fight against us and the war wouldn’t come to you? You want to wage war against Russia! But you want to do it on the territory of Ukraine or on the Russian lands Ukraine just occupied.”

    Read more at The Daily Beast.


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