Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

NNA – Free Patriotic Movement Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, touched on the Lebanese presidentialnbsp;dossier during the launching ceremony of his new term as head of the movement (2023 to 2027), saying: ldquo;If the West wants to impose a president, they ought to ensure hisnbsp;prior commitment and clear mechanism on returning the displaced to their country.rdquo;

Bassil continued: quot;The central system turned Lebanon into areas of influence for politicians. We experienced the false centralization that weakened the state, divided the people, and pitted the Lebanese against each other. This system encouraged incitement…quot;

He, thus, confirmed his advocacy of administrative decentralization as it reflects quot;developmental justicequot;, stressing that quot;the complete solution lies in having a strong central state with a central financial system.quot;

Bassil added: ldquo;The trust fund preserves the safety of state facilities, ensuring their proper management and increasing their revenues. Without this reform step, large projects such as Qlayaat Airport, electricity, and water cannot be revived…rdquo;

He affirmed that both the country and the Free Patriotic Movement reflect each other#39;s image, adding that the right to differ is linked to discipline and public order. quot;We are the cause that does not die, and we are the movement that does not kneel,quot; he asserted.