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    10 Best YouTube Downloaders Recommended

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    YouTube, as a video sharing platform, contains a huge amount of video resources. However, due to YouTube’s copyright restrictions, some videos cannot be downloaded for viewing. Therefore, many YouTube downloaders have emerged to help users download YouTube videos. This article will recommend 10 high-quality YouTube downloaders.

    What is YouTube to MP3 Converter

    YouTube to MP3 Converter is a tool that can extract audio from YouTube videos and convert it to the MP3 format. With such tools, users can download music, lectures and other audio content from YouTube and save them as MP3 files for mobile or MP3 player listening.

    The working principle of YouTube to MP3 converters is to first download videos from YouTube, then extract audio data using audio separation techniques, and finally output them as MP3 audio files. Excellent YouTube to MP3 tools can retain original audio quality, support batch conversion and high-speed downloads.

    YouTube to MP3 Converters are very helpful for music enthusiasts, language learners and more. But reasonable use is also important, mass distribution of converted audio should be avoided.

    How to Evaluate YouTube to MP3 Converters

    To choose high-quality YouTube to MP3 converters, consider the following factors:

    Download Speed: Download speed directly affects conversion efficiency, choose tools with fast and stable download servers.

    Audio Quality Retention: Evaluate if the converted MP3 file quality remains unchanged without distortion.

    Success Rate: Test the conversion success rate on different videos to see if it can stably convert.

    Additional Features: Some tools additionally provide video download, media player, music management etc to enhance utility.

    Ease of Use: Evaluate if the tool is easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

    Security: Assess potential security or privacy risks like viruses, information disclosure etc.

    Comprehensively considering these factors allows selection of feature-rich and easy-to-use YouTube to MP3 converters. Proper usage guidelines should be followed, illegal distribution should be avoided.

    10 Best YouTube Downloaders Recommended

    Below we introduce 10 YouTube downloaders from multiple dimensions, detailing the features, strengths and limitations of each downloader, as well as the most suitable scenarios and our ratings for your reference.

    YouTube Downloader Comparison Table

    ToolFeaturesProsConsSuitable ScenariosRatingSSYouTubeBrowser extension, one-click downloadSimple to useOnly supports browserLightweight quick download4.5YTMP3Specialized in downloading YouTube audio as MP3Batch download, fast conversionAudio onlyFor audio enthusiasts4.7Y2mateVideo download + audio conversionSupports batch download, easy to use–Comprehensive downloading and conversion4.6SavefromSupports multi-platform video downloadMulti-platform support, fast download speed–Multi-platform video download4.3TubidyFocused on audio downloadDiscover and download musicAudio onlyFor music lovers4.5X2mateSimilar to Y2mateHigh-speed download, one-click sharing–Comprehensive YouTube downloading4.4YTBDownOnline + local versionsSupports Windows and Mac–Lightweight YouTube downloading4.24K Video Downloader4K video downloadDownload high-quality videos–Download high-quality videos4.8aTube CatcherVideo conversion and editingMultifunctional, easy to operate–Video processing4.5Free YouTube DownloadIntegrated media playerComprehensive features–All-in-one tool4.2

    1.     SSYouTube

    SSYouTube is a browser extension that allows easy one-click downloading of YouTube videos. It supports downloading videos in multiple resolutions and converting them into MP3 audio files.

    Key Features:

    ●      One-click video download directly from YouTube page

    ●      Ability to convert videos to MP3 audio

    ●      Offers options to select different resolutions like 720p, 1080p etc


    ●      Extremely simple and convenient to use

    ●      Provides a fast way to save YouTube videos you want

    ●      Gives the option to download videos just as MP3s for audio


    ●      Only works in desktop browsers, no mobile app

    ●      Unable to bypass all regional restrictions on YouTube

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      When you need a quick and hassle-free way to download YouTube videos

    ●      For music lovers who want to extract audio from YouTube videos

    ●      For lightweight YouTube video downloading needs

    User Feedback:

    Users find SSYouTube very easy and straightforward to use. They like the one-click functionality to instantly download videos. Many mention it is great for grabbing videos quickly. However, some users note issues with downloading region-restricted content. Overall, SSYouTube is appreciated for fast, no-fuss YouTube video downloading though limited for region-blocked content.

    Rating: 4.5/5

    2.     YTMP3

    YTMP3 is a specialized tool for converting YouTube videos into MP3 audio files. It can batch download and convert videos to audio.

    Key Features:

    ●      Batch downloading and conversion of YouTube videos

    ●      Fast speeds for audio conversion

    ●      Can download full playlists and channels


    ●      Excellent for getting audio versions of YouTube videos

    ●      Quick batch conversion speeds

    ●      Retains original audio quality


    ●      Only provides audio conversion capability

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      Building a music library from YouTube

    ●      Creating playlists from YouTube channels

    User Feedback:

    Users praise YTMP3 for its fast batch audio conversion capabilities. They mention it easily downloads all audio from playlists and channels with quick conversion times and good MP3 quality. Some users wish it could also download the video files. Overall, YTMP3 is regarded as a great choice for efficiently grabbing high-quality audio from YouTube videos.

    Rating: 4.7/5

    3.     Y2mate

    Y2mate is an integrated downloader and converter for YouTube videos. It can download videos in different formats and also convert them to MP3 audio.

    Key Features:

    ●      Downloads YouTube videos in MP4, MKV, etc.

    ●      Supports batch downloading

    ●      Can convert videos to MP3 audio


    ●      All-in-one downloader and converter

    ●      Provides multiple format and quality options

    ●      User-friendly interface


    ●      Requires Java applet installation

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      For all YouTube downloading needs in one place

    ●      Batch downloading entire playlists at once

    User Feedback:

    Users find Y2mate provides an easy way to download and convert YouTube videos. They like the integrated solution for different formats and batch download. However, some users are annoyed by the Java dependency for desktop versions. Overall, it’s seen as a convenient downloader and converter.

    Rating: 4.6/5

    4.     SaveFrom

    SaveFrom allows downloading videos from YouTube and other major platforms. It offers browser extensions and mobile apps to download via shareable links.

    Key Features:

    ●      Download from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

    ●      Browser extensions and mobile apps

    ●      Download via shared video links


    ●      Supports wide range of major platforms

    ●      Fast download speeds

    ●      Easy downloading through apps and extensions


    ●      Mobile app has ads

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      Downloading videos from various major platforms

    ●      Fast and easy video downloader access

    User Feedback:

    Users like SaveFrom for its versatility across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. It’s regarded as one of the fastest and most convenient downloaders with easy browser and mobile access. However, some users complain about in-app ads on the mobile version. Overall, it’s seen as a great universal video downloading solution.

    Rating: 4.3/5

    5.     Tubidy

    Tubidy is an audio-focused downloader for platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. It offers a music discovery and streaming experience.

    Key Features:

    ●      Download music audio from YouTube etc.

    ●      Music discovery and streaming

    ●      Online music player


    ●      Great for discovering and downloading songs

    ●      Simple music streaming experience

    ●      Lightweight music app


    ●      Only provides audio downloading

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      Discovering and downloading new music

    ●      Creating personal song collections

    User Feedback:

    Users like Tubidy for easily finding and downloading music audio from YouTube and SoundCloud. They find the music discovery and streaming useful in addition to downloads. Some wish it could download videos too. Overall, it’s considered a great app for music lovers to discover, play and download audio.

    Rating: 4.5/5

    6.     X2mate

    X2mate integrates YouTube video downloader and converter like Y2mate. It provides fast servers and easy sharing options.

    Key Features:

    ●      Download YouTube videos

    ●      Convert videos to audio

    ●      Fast servers for quick downloads

    ●      Share downloads easily


    ●      Good speeds for downloads

    ●      Hassle-free conversion and sharing

    ●      Intuitive clean interface


    ●      Limited features compared to premium tools

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      Fast YouTube video downloader needs

    ●      Creating audio playlists from videos

    User Feedback:

    Users find X2mate provides fast YouTube downloads and makes it easy to convert and share files. However, some advanced users find it lacks some features of premium tools. Overall, it’s a decent basic solution for YouTube media downloading and conversion needs.

    Rating: 4.4/5

    7.     YTBDown

    YTBDown offers online and desktop versions to download YouTube videos. It works across Windows and Mac.

    Key Features:

    ●      Web and desktop apps

    ●      Works on Windows and Mac

    ●      Allows selecting video quality


    ●      Downloader available as web and desktop app

    ●      Compatible with major platforms

    ●      Get videos in different qualities


    ●      Limited conversion and download features

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      Cross-platform YouTube downloading

    ●      Basic video format needs

    User Feedback:

    Users like that YTBDown provides both browser and desktop apps for YouTube downloading across devices. However, some note it lacks many advanced features for formatting and conversions available in premium tools. Overall, it’s seen as a decent basic cross-platform downloader.

    Rating: 4.2/5

    8. 4K Video Downloader

    4K Video Downloader enables downloading YouTube videos in HD, 4K and 8K quality. It also extracts and converts audio.

    Key Features:

    ●      Download YouTube video in ultra HD quality

    ●      Extract and convert audio to MP3

    ●      Supports 8K, 4K and 1080p videos


    ●      Downloads YouTube videos in highest quality formats

    ●      Retains original video and audio quality

    ●      Fast download speeds


    ●      4K and 8K files take up large storage

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      Saving YouTube videos in best possible quality

    ●      Preserving audio from videos in MP3 format

    User Feedback:

    Users love the 4K Video Downloader for reliably downloading Full HD and Ultra HD YouTube videos effortlessly. However, some note that 4K/8K files quickly fill up storage space. Overall, it is regarded highly for preserving YouTube videos in top quality.

    Rating: 4.8/5

    9.     aTube Catcher

    aTube Catcher is an all-in-one downloader for YouTube and other sites. It provides video conversion and editing tools.

    Key Features:

    ●      Download videos from various sites

    ●      Convert downloaded videos to other formats

    ●      Provides basic video editing tools


    ●      One tool for downloading and formatting videos

    ●      Easy-to-use interface for conversion and editing


    ●      Limited editing capabilities

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      Download, convert and edit videos conveniently

    ●      Format downloaded videos for devices

    User Feedback:

    Users find aTube Catcher suitable for simple YouTube video downloads along with basic conversion and editing needs. However, professionals note it lacks complex editing capabilities. Overall, it’s seen as good integrated software for routine video downloading and formatting.

    Rating: 4.5/5

    10. Free YouTube Download

    Free YouTube Download integrates a downloader, converter, and media player. It downloads videos in desired formats.

    Key Features:

    ●      Download YouTube videos

    ●      Convert videos to other formats

    ●      Integrated media player


    ●      All-in-one downloading and conversion

    ●      Wide range of format options

    ●      Handy media player


    ●      Bloatware promotions and ads

    Suitable Scenarios:

    ●      One-stop app for YouTube media needs

    ●      Trying out basic video download software

    User Feedback:

    Users find Free YouTube Download suitable for basic downloading and format conversion needs. However, many complain about annoying ads and bloatware promotions. Overall, it serves for simplistic YouTube media handling despite aggressive ads.

    Rating: 4.2/5


    In summary, YouTube downloaders vary greatly in functionality. Users can choose suitable tools according to their needs to conveniently download and watch YouTube videos. Of course, downloading videos is only for personal learning and appreciation.

    10 Best YouTube Downloaders Recommended


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