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    Jennifer Lopez jokes about the technological challenges she has as she struggles to pre-save her next single on Spotify.

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    He announced that his new studio album would be released early next year.

    But Jennifer Lopez ran into some trouble Tuesday when she tried to pre-save her anticipated single for the LP.

    The 54-year-old singer and actress shared a humorous video on her Instagram Reels as she attempted to log into her Spotify account to pre-save her copy of the song Can’t Get Enough, which will be released in January. 10, 2024.

    She revealed late last month that it would be the first single released ahead of her long-awaited ninth studio album This Is Me… Now, which is due out on February 16 next year.

    In her Instagram video, Jennifer looked hilariously exasperated while trying to pre-order a copy of her own song.

    Jennifer Lopez, 54, hilariously struggled to pre-save her upcoming single Can’t Get Enough on Spotify in a video she posted to her Instagram Reels on Tuesday.

    The age-defying beauty wore a stylish collarless zipper jacket made of white leather, which featured prominent pockets on her abdomen.

    She channeled a classic ’80s look by rolling up her sleeves to reveal her toned arms, and wore her wavy caramel-colored locks parted down the middle to frame her elegantly made-up face.

    ‘What is my password?’ he yelled at an off-screen assistant as he looked at the camera with her phone in front of her.

    “Accept the cookies,” she muttered to herself as she seemed confused by the process.

    Her next album is a sequel to her 2002 album This Is Me… Then, which was inspired by her first relationship with Ben Affleck.

    The two were briefly engaged, but ended up calling off their wedding following an avalanche of publicity.

    But after finding love for the second time and getting married last year, the second chance at romance inspired her to make her new album.

    “I don’t even know how to pre-save my own records,” Jennifer admitted as she scrolled through her phone.

    The actress and musician noted that when she released This Is Me… Then in 2002, she didn’t have to worry about streaming, as CDs and vinyl LPs were the main formats available.

    Her first hurdle was even logging into Spotify, and once she realized that, she wasn’t sure how to find the button to pre-save her song.

    The first hurdle was simply logging into Spotify, as I was having difficulty remembering my password or username.

    ‘Is not working?’ the assistant asked off-camera, before the Marry Me star took a break to touch up her glamorous hair.

    After refreshing himself, he was able to access his Spotify account, but then faced more problems as he didn’t know how to pre-save his song.

    ‘And I’m done, right?’ he said tentatively, before his assistant responded: ‘No! You still have to pre-save your song.’

    It wasn’t obvious how to do this from the music streaming app, so he headed to their website, which had a link allowing you to pre-save the next track.

    ‘I did it! Pre-saved! That’s all you had to do,’ she said with a mix of elation and exhaustion, as his assistant shouted ‘Yay!’ in the background.

    In a short video last month announcing her long-awaited, Jennifer could be seen throwing a letter into the fire.

    The letter appeared to have been written by her future husband Ben Affleck during their early romantic period and was dated December 24, 2002.

    “Life is hard but you are sweet,” a close-up of the note reveals.

    However, he switched to a browser to return to his personal website, which had a helpful link.

    J.Lo releases Can’t Get Enough on January 10, 2024, followed by her full album This Is Me… Now, out February 16.

    The album, which is again inspired by her relationship with her husband Ben Affleck, will also be accompanied by an Amazon documentary, which lists him as a co-writer and features him in several scenes; photographed in March in Los Angeles

    ‘Thanks for the gift. I hope you like the flowers. You told me you could never have enough. I believe you,” Ben seemed to have written, before saying goodbye with a simple “B.”

    Lopez’s fans will have the chance to see more of her when her album is released, as she will also release a documentary to accompany the LP.

    The film, which will be available exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime, is directed by Dave Meyers and Ben is listed as a co-writer.

    The actor and director apparently also appears in several scenes in the documentary, which will show an even more explicit version of how the former lovers reunited years later.

    Jennifer Lopez jokes about the technological challenges she has as she struggles to pre-save her next single on Spotify.


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