Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

NNAnbsp; – National News Agency correspondent in Tyre reported that the Israeli enemy fired flare bombsnbsp;over the border villages adjacent to the Blue Line last night, adding that enemynbsp;reconnaissance aircrafts flew over the Tyrenbsp;district throughout the night until this morning.

In the early hours of dawn, the Israeli enemy fired machine gunsnbsp;from its positions adjacent to the town of Aita al-Shaab at itsnbsp;outskirts, NNA correspondent added.

It is to note that citizens#39; displacement movementnbsp;towards safer areas fromnbsp;southern villages that are exposed to daily aggressionnbsp;is increasing daily, according to the statistics of the Natural Disaster Management Unit in the Tyre District Union. It addednbsp;thatnbsp;the most visited regionnbsp;is the city of Tyre, where there are five approved centers to receive the displaced, constitutingnbsp;of official schools buildings, half of which are used for the displaced and the other for education.

It is also noteworthynbsp;that the essential needs of thenbsp;displaced continue tonbsp;increase with the heavynbsp;rain and cold climate.