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    Fox FM’s Nick Cody uncovers an ‘obscure’ law most Melburnians don’t know about… and it could land him in jail for six months



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    He is known for his controversial opinions.

    And comedian and radio host Nick Cody didn’t hold back during The Fox 101.9 Fifi, Fev and Nick breakfast show on Wednesday.

    The Melbourne-based father lashed out after discovering Victoria is the only state to have a law against leaving children in the car while paying for petrol.

    Cody, who has two children aged two and five, also admitted he was “guilty” of the offence.

    “I don’t know how long I’ll be on the show,” he joked on air.

    Fox 101.9 FM’s Nick Cody has uncovered an “obscure” law that most Melburnians don’t know about… and he says it could land him in jail for six months.

    He continued: ‘Unfortunately because I am facing fines and six months in jail for a crime I have been unknowingly committing.

    “But now that I know, I’m still going to do it,” he added.

    Cody went on to explain that he kept his children safe by locking them in the car and always looked out for them, even after getting out of the vehicle while paying for gas.

    Meanwhile, co-hosts Brendan Fevola and Fifi Box had a very different take on the state of Victoria’s obscure law.

    Melbourne-based dad Cody hit out at the discovery that Victoria is the only state that has a law against leaving children in the car while paying for gas, something the comedian says he does “all the time.” Photo: Cody during Wednesday’s Fifi show. Fev and Nick Breakfast Show

    ‘You are defending him [locking the the kids in the car] “And you say it’s very normal behavior, but apparently the police see it differently,” Box said.

    “Just in this nanny state,” Cody replied.

    The comedian shares two sons, Charlie, five, and Max, two, with actress Lucia Smyrk.

    It comes after the outspoken comedian made an appearance on Channel 10’s The Project last month when he made a wild claim that he drank breast milk.

    The comedian joked that he was “back to drinking breast milk” after reports suggested traces of monosodium glutamate (MSG) could be found in it.

    Cody’s ‘confession’ shocked breakfast show co-host Fifi Box (pictured)

    Surprising his co-hosts, he made the astonishing confession during a segment about the false beliefs surrounding MSG.

    Cody’s shocking breast milk confession comes after he was accused of going too far in a rant against the Royal Family, in which he called King Charles and Queen Camilla “privileged inbreds.”

    The media personality launched the tirade during an episode of The Project in response to the royal couple’s Christmas card.


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