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    Isiiah Macauley: Sister of young man killed in crash on remote road reveals harrowing last moments after discovering him in mangled wreckage or car



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    The teenage sister of a 23-year-old man killed in a car crash was by his side during his final moments.

    Isiiah Macauley’s car was found by his father and siblings on Saturday morning on a remote road in South Lake Grace, 340 kilometers south-east of Perth.

    He was still alive when his family discovered the wreckage, but died at the scene shortly after paramedics arrived.

    Mr Macauley had driven to his friend’s farm the night before and alarm bells rang when the friend called the family to let them know he had never arrived.

    His family became even more concerned when one of Mr Macaulay’s beloved dogs found himself wandering around town alone.

    Isiiah Macauley (above) died in a car accident Saturday morning; he was found by his father and siblings

    Mr. Macaulay’s 17-year-old sister, Hannah Shiner, was with him in his final moments.

    She described her big brother as a “man of many talents” who was “too big for this world.”

    “He was always funny, friends with everyone, just so happy,” she said The West.

    “He loved being on four wheels, going out and making new tracks, riding four wheels and working on his car.

    ‘He did squatting, mechanics, truck driving, building sheds, building houses, welding. You name it, he could probably do it.”

    Mr Macaulay had left Pingrup, south of South Lake Grace, around 10pm on Friday evening.

    Police believe the 23-year-old’s car left the road and rolled before ending up in a field on Mallee Hill Road.

    His family found his crashed Toyota Landcruiser around 9.15am on Saturday and stayed with him until he died.

    Mr. Macaulay is survived by his four siblings, his girlfriend and two dogs.

    Friend Kel Amy D has a GoFundMe Thursday to raise money for his funeral.

    Mr Macaulay’s (over) 17-year-old sister, Hannah Shiner, described him as ‘too big for this world’

    “Izzy had the kindest heart. “I loved his family, his girl and his dogs, FJ and Fwank more than words could fathom,” she wrote.

    ‘With a pure soul and abundant care and love for every person in his life. Izzy was the kind of man who would take off his last shirt for anyone in need.

    ‘He lived every day with a fierce passion and brought absolute light and laughter to every room and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him – a true blue friend and legend.

    “All the money will be spent on the farewell Izzy deserved as times are tough and an unexpected loss comes with unexpected costs.”

    Anyone with information about Mr Macauley’s crash is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.


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