Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

    Nikki Haley calls Trump a LOSER as she highlights her rival’s previous loss of the House, Senate and presidency in 2024 after he called her ‘ineligible’

    Nikki Haley took on former President Donald Trump’s claims that she is “ineligible” by blaming him for the GOP’s 2020 losses of the presidency and both chambers of Congress.

    Trump, at a rally ahead of the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, told supporters that both Haley and Ron DeSantis were “ineligible” against President Joe Biden.

    He cited Haley and DeSantis’ support for a 23 percent sales tax and said, “I think that makes them ineligible.” And there are other reasons why they are not eligible,” but he said Democrats were supporting them because the party wanted them to run against it.

    At an event in Hollis, New Hampshire, on Thursday, Haley angrily attacked Trump — who leads her by 16 points in the latest New Hampshire poll — for his own electoral failures.

    ‘The reality is, who lost the House for us? Who lost the Senate? Who lost the White House? Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump,’ she said.

    Nikki Haley took on former President Donald Trump’s claims that she is “ineligible” by blaming him for the GOP’s 2020 losses of the presidency and both chambers of Congress.

    “Nikki Haley will get every single one of them back,” he added and tried to mock him for not showing up for the debates.

    Haley has often highlighted the fact that Republicans have lost the popular vote in all but one election since 1988.

    However, it was the first time he fully attributed the GOP’s losses to the man who led his party once he won the party’s nomination in 2016.

    Trump, at that same event in New Hampshire, reiterated that he felt the 2020 election was “rigged.”

    However, in December, an exclusive Partners poll stated that Trump is the Republican candidate best positioned to beat Biden in the critical states of Arizona and Georgia, although Haley can beat the Democrat in Wisconsin.

    The results undermine one of the key arguments of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Haley: that they are more electable than Trump.

    In fact,’s swing state poll showed that while Trump beats Biden by five points in Arizona, DeSantis can only tie and Haley loses by two points.

    In Georgia, Trump beats Biden in a head-to-head race by two points, but DeSantis loses by six points and Haley loses by one.

    Things are different in Wisconsin. There, Biden would beat Trump and DeSantis by four points if the 2024 election were held tomorrow, but would lose to Haley by one percentage point.

    JL Partners surveyed 550 likely voters in each of three key states: Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin. The results have a margin of error of 4.2 percent.

    Trump has a lead over Biden in Georgia (which the Democrat won by just 0.2 percentage points in 2020), but Haley and DeSantis fall short in our 2024 intentions survey.

    There is good news for Haley in Wisconsin. Our poll suggests that if the election were held tomorrow, she would beat Biden in a head-to-head race, while DeSantis and Trump lose.

    All results have a margin of error of 4.2 percent, but show that in at least two of the crucial battleground states, Trump is Biden’s strongest Republican rival.

    However, to have a chance against the incumbent president, Haley must overcome long odds to defeat her predecessor in the primary, a chance that seems longer every day after Trump dominated the Iowa Caucus.

    Trump appears headed for another big victory in New Hampshire next week, even though Gov. Chris Sununu, a Haley supporter, has previously said his candidate would win.

    The poll showed Trump reaching 50 percent in the Granite State, just days after achieving victory in the Iowa Caucuses.

    Haley, his main rival in the state, scored 34 percent in the poll. New Suffolk University/Boston Globe/NBC-10 Poll16 points behind the leader, after having placed third in Iowa.

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who overtook Haley for second place in Iowa, dropped to 5 percent.

    Another recent poll, conducted by WHDH-TV/Emerson, also gave Trump a 16-point lead, but that was when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was still in the race. Christie’s departure has created the expectation that many of the anti-Trump candidate’s supporters would flock to Haley.

    New Hampshire is central to Haley’s own battle plans to try to unseat Trump. The state allows unaffiliated voters to cast ballots in Republican Party primaries.

    Former President Donald Trump leads rival Nikki Haley by 16 points in new poll of likely New Hampshire voters

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who overtook Haley for second place in Iowa, was down 5 percent.

    Trump maintains clear lead in new poll

    The Trump campaign also began criticizing Haley on issues ranging from taxes to social security, even going after her by saying that she “loves China.”

    That criticism comes from when she served as a UN ambassador during the Trump administration.

    While representing the United States as ambassador to the United Nations, Haley described communist China as “a great friend of ours,” according to the statement, which included a clip in the middle of Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in an effort to ensure more pressure. about North Korea.

    Trump also criticized Haley on Tuesday night, accusing her of exploiting the party’s election rules.

    “Nikki Haley in particular is counting on Democrats and liberals to infiltrate her Republican primary,” Trump told an adoring crowd at the Atkinson Country Club.

    “You know the left… that’s what’s happening… they have a group of people who aren’t Republicans and that’s artificially boosting their numbers here, even though we’re still way ahead of them.”

    Haley fares better among independents in the poll, earning 44 percent support to 38 percent. But she increased the numbers among Republicans and conservatives.

    Trump also continues to appear ahead of Biden in polls in hypothetical general election matchups.

    TO Harris/The Messenger The poll suggested that, while not a landslide victory, he is currently projected to win a significant victory in the popular vote if the election were held today.

    The poll shows Trump leading Biden by a 52-48 margin when compared to each other.

    Another poll taken that included options to vote for people like RFK Jr., Jill Stein and Cornel West shows Trump leading Biden 43-40, with Kennedy leading the rest of the field with 12 percent.


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