Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

    NNA – A group of depositors on Friday staged a sit-in outside the Lebanese Central Bank, responding to a call from the #39;Depositors#39; Cry#39; association.

    Demonstrators raised slogans condemning the authorities, particularly the banking sector, accusing them of mishandling their deposits and hard-earned savings over the past years. They demanded the immediate return of their funds without delay.

    Alaa Khoury, head of the Depositors#39; Outcry Association, along with other protesters, expressed absolute rejection of the government#39;s policies regarding depositors#39; funds.nbsp;

    They declared, quot;No to the government#39;s malicious plan to confiscate people#39;s money; our funds are a red line,rdquo; considering today#39;s protest outside the Lebanese Central Bank as the last opportunity for depositors to defend their life savings, emphasizing the urgency given Prime Minister Najib Mikati#39;s statement about an imminent decision to withdraw eliminate deposits.

    The protestors urged depositors to actively participate in the demonstrations over the next few days, either by defending their deposits or accepting the system#39;s corrupt practices stealing their life savings. They cautioned that this government direction, soon to be enforced, would seriously jeopardize their deposits.

    A statement from the association regarding the protest and their course of action will be issued later today.nbsp;

    Meanwhile, Caretaker Minister Issam Sharafeddine, briefly addressed the crowd, stating, quot;We reject any legislation that does not restore depositors#39; rights. No project in the cabinet will be approved if it delays their rights.quot;nbsp;

    He urged honorable ministers and parliamentary bloc leaders to reject similar decisions and instead advocate for legislation to safeguard deposits, emphasizing the importance of ministers sharing the responsibility for the country#39;s recovery.





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