Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

    PBS SoCal Renames Broadcast Channel KCET to ‘PBS SoCal Plus’

    KCET and local Southern California PBS stations will be consolidated under one name: PBS SoCal.

    Although Los Angeles-based public broadcaster KCET will continue to exist, it will be called “PBS SoCal Plus,” so both flagship PBS broadcast stations will be under a unified brand starting February 6.

    The station noted that KCET’s programming will not change.

    “PBS SoCal and KCET merged in 2018, and since then we have become a strong public media entity serving Southern California, reflecting the diversity of our region and offering a full lineup of beloved and trusted PBS programs,” said the president and CEO of PBS SoCal. Andrew Russell said in a statement. “While the name of the broadcast channel may be changing, the shows viewers love on KCET… Artbound, Lost LA, Father Brown, Essential Movies and more, will remain available on the channel and on all our platforms.”

    He continued: “Our honored tradition, built by KCET, of producing original, thoughtful and inspiring content around the arts, local culture, environment, news and public affairs remains fundamental to our deep commitment to serving our community with high-quality public media. ”

    Viewers’ favorite shows will also be available to stream on a website, Local viewers will still be able to watch KCET (now “PBS SoCal Plus”) programming on 28.1, while PBS SoCal viewers will continue on 50.1. Cable and satellite operators will also feature “PBS SoCal Plus” content on the same channels that previously carried KCET.

    The public will now only see KCET call letters during FCC-mandated station call breaks.

    Dan Ferguson, senior vice president of marketing and communications for PBS SoCal, added: “This change ensures we are following what the community has asked for and aligns the local flagship organization with the trusted values ​​and brand strength associated with the PBS name. PBS”.


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