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    SOUL OF SPORT: Cambridge students rise at dawn to practice ahead of the upcoming regatta against rivals Oxford, with ANDY HOOPER on the ground to capture the action.

    The long-awaited regatta between Cambridge and Oxford will take place on March 30
    The old rivals, who have competed for 194 years, will meet once again in two months.
    Ahead of the action, Mail Sport’s ANDY HOOPER visited the Cambridge team during their practice.








    Welcome back to the Soul of Sports. For the latest episode of the series, ANDY HOOPER traveled to Cambridge to watch a morning training session with the crew of his boat.

    This year’s regatta between the universities of Cambridge and Oxford will begin on March 30 and anticipation for the event is already beginning to build.

    The event will mark the 78th women’s race and the 169th men’s race in the long-running rivalry between the two academic giants.

    Last year, Cambridge were victorious in both the men’s and women’s races and it’s clear why, given their hard work and dedication leading up to the event, which was exemplified during a recent training session.

    Our videographer was on hand to capture the action using Nikon Z9, Z8 cameras and a Dji drone during morning practice…

    The Cambridge boat team hit the water at 6:30 a.m. as they began their morning training session on Saturday.

    The crew begins their warm-up, before heading out into the water, as the sun shines on the gym.

    After the session, the team gathered again in one of the buildings to enjoy snacks, drinks and other refreshments.

    One team member opted for a Nutella sandwich, while others opted for a honey bagel as a post-workout treat.

    One of the crew is seen, with two oars in hand, preparing the boats for practice shortly after 6 in the morning.

    Preparations for the practice session began before dawn on the cold Saturday morning.

    A closer look at the eight-man boat that crew members will use for the Gemini Boat Race in March

    Crew members inspect, prepare and transport the boats before sailing down the River Great Ouse, near Ely.

    With an oar over each shoulder, a student left the building before his training.

    In pitch darkness, crew members brought equipment to port as they ramped up preparations for the March event.

    Crews perform a series of stretches and other exercise routines shortly after 6 a.m. before heading to the water.

    A boat, packed with eight Cambridge students, sets sail down the River Great Ouse on Saturday morning.

    The Cambridge team rows between acres of fields, a small bridge and a small group of houses located next to the river.

    The famous Ely Cathedral could be seen from afar as it jutted out beyond the trees in the distance.


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